Our mission

Our mission is to educate and enrich the lives of young people by providing innovative and professional-standard performing arts experiences. We are committed to being accessible to all, fostering teamwork and building confidence through new creative opportunities.


  1. To provide high quality performing arts opportunities for young people.
  2. Create opportunities for social and educational development through participation in the arts.
  3. To introduce young people to new and innovative elements of performing arts as well as embracing more traditional performance practices.
  4. To ensure our activities are to the benefit of the local community and encourage community learning.


  1. Providing ongoing professionally led weekly classes in the performing arts.
    To produce at least two productions a year and two Showcases a year.
  2. To enable members to develop interpersonal skills such as confidence, social interaction, responsibility sharing, planning, decision making, team-work and problem sharing.
  3. Seeking out new and innovative performing arts opportunities. Ensuring that all activities are set at the appropriate level for the participants.
    Giving audiences the opportunity to experience new, innovative and traditional performance practices.
  4. Ensuring that the GYT programme is accessible to all.
    To serve local communities by remaining aware of local issues and community needs.
    Foster partnerships and develop relationships with organisations and educational bodies which can support the GYT.