September 2014 :

‘I have absolutely loved my time at Theatrescope and at Gantry – all the amazing shows we managed to put on thanks to all the teachers’ continuous enthusiasm and support, and them giving us new things to explore, and getting us doing more than we thought was possible. I have had such a wonderful experience, and I thank you all so much for making it so good.’

Bryony – 7 years in GYT

Comment made in 2010 :

GYT is amazing! It has given me so many wonderful opportunities, plus so much experienced in loads of different shows. I have been fortunate to have worked with many teachers who have all brought their weird and wonderful ways to the Gantry.  I cannot thank the Gantry enough for all they have done for me. Oklahoma has been absolutely brilliant and I am so grateful for the 10 years at the Gantry! The Gantry is so underrated and should be publicised on a higher scale than it is!

Shane – 10 years in GYT  – now studying at ALRA drama school