Regular Drama Workshops

DRAMA TIME – School Years 1-2+
Bitterne Park School – Tuesday 5.00pm-6.00pm

An hour of fun and imaginative drama with games, role play and improvisation. Children make new friends and foster relationships. Helps to develop confidence and social and communication skills. Plus chances to perform!

DRAMA ACTION – School years 3-6+
Bitterne Park Secondary School– Tuesday 6.00pm-7.00pm, Wednesday 5.30-6.30pm

A weekly hour of improvisation and drama skills helping young people raise their confidence and self esteem. Each group performs publicly twice a year in showcase events,as well as being invited to audition for major GYT productions.

PLAYBACK – School years 7-9
Bitterne Park Secondary School -Wednesday 6pm-7pm, Friday 5.30pm-6.30pm

These classes offer the opportunity to develop both performance and social skills. Through improvisation and script work students learn together as a team, communicate with an audience, use voice and character, and develop their imagination. The atmosphere of the class is always enjoyable and non competitive.

STAGE ONE – School years 10-12+
Bitterne Park Secondary School – Friday 5-6.30pm

Members of this class work as a close ensemble, developing acting techniques and exploring a variety of performance styles. Both improvisation and scripted work is investigated with regular opportunities for public performances. Stage One aims to try styles of theatre other youth theatre’s don’t explore.  Classes are relaxed, non competitive and highly enjoyable. All Stage One students are encouraged to audition for major GYT productions.

THEATRESCOPE – ages 8-16
Bitterne Park Secondary School – Saturday 10.00am-2.30pm

Our Saturday Theatre school offers ; a chance to perform all 3 disciplines and take part in 3 musical performances a year. Some members have been in Theatrescope for years yet we pride ourselves on having no cliques and offering all students their moment to shine.  Students are encouraged to stretch themselves in all disciplines and to work in harmony with other group members. All members are encouraged to join in productions, as and when appropriate. Ideal for making friends and building confidence.